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using linkedin to get a new job

How Can Linkedln Help You Get That Job ?

LinkedIn is a huge social networking platform for professionals that hundreds of millions of people use to search for and apply for new roles and positions. Since many people use LinkedIn, you must carefully craft your online profile to help give yourself the edge online. These LinkedIn tips are designed to help you stand-out and …

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aptitude tests for IT candidates

Aptitude Testing Is In Vogue Again With IT Recruiters

Many IT job candidates will enter the job market in 2014-15 seeking employment with technology companies they’ve spent the last four years preparing for. Very often after a job application is submitted an email will be sent asking for the applicant to take a test. Yep – the aptitude test is now a new standard …

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expand your connections with linkedin

Expand Your Connections With LinkedIn

It is undeniable that social media plays a huge part in our world today. Options abound from sharing pictures to forming business networks. Being able to connect with thousands of people has its benefits for anyone trying to market their product or ideas. Why is LinkedIn a good choice for me? LinkedIn can help you …

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how to screen candidates online using social media

Job Seekers – Are You Being Screened ?

Nowadays, employers tend to use social media networking sites as a means for assessing the behavior and conduct of candidates and job seekers. To behave well in online social spaces is just as important as you proving your very best before an interview board. A recent infographic study, ‘The Role of Social Media in Pre-employment …

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CV Makeover Time

It’s Summer Makeover Time – For Your CV and Resume

The traditional boring old resume is getting its well-deserved place in the trash. Employers are no longer interested in the boring ramblings of job seekers. The tips we all learned in University or college about putting together a well thought out polished CV or resume are now being replaced by your passions and strengths being …

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