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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s a fact, every professional is on LinkedIn and if you want reap the benefits in your professional world then you need to have a distinct and appropriate LinkedIn profile to give you the best results possible – especially when attracting job hunters, recruitment agencies and prospective new companies. Here are some things you need …

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get linkedin endorsements

A Quick Guide to Getting LinkedIn Endorsements

So you are interested in getting LinkedIn endorsements added to your profile? Good idea because getting quality, relevant and professional endorsements via Social Media used to be difficult and a bit of a hit and miss process. Nowadays, it’s become much easier. Professional social media sites such as LinkedIn have made it easier to ask …

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using linkedin to get a new job

How Can Linkedln Help You Get That Job ?

LinkedIn is a huge social networking platform for professionals that hundreds of millions of people use to search for and apply for new roles and positions. Since many people use LinkedIn, you must carefully craft your online profile to help give yourself the edge online. These LinkedIn tips are designed to help you stand-out and …

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expand your connections with linkedin

Expand Your Connections With LinkedIn

It is undeniable that social media plays a huge part in our world today. Options abound from sharing pictures to forming business networks. Being able to connect with thousands of people has its benefits for anyone trying to market their product or ideas. Why is LinkedIn a good choice for me? LinkedIn can help you …

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Why You Should Get To Know LinkedIn Intimately

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or just starting out on the career ladder, LinkedIn is going to be your best friend. You just need to know how to use it correctly to maximise your chances of success. Here is a high level introduction to the power of LinkedIn. why should you get to …

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