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Talking Testing with Syed Ali

This week our Searchability Testing Guru Gabbi Trotter caught up with Syed Ali, for her “Talking Testing” blog series. Read on to find out more about his experience from everything to hands on Testing, teaching, speaking… and fire performing! Please can you give us all a brief introduction of you, and your current job role…. …

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aptitude tests for IT candidates

Aptitude Testing Is In Vogue Again With IT Recruiters

Many IT job candidates will enter the job market in 2014-15 seeking employment with technology companies they’ve spent the last four years preparing for. Very often after a job application is submitted an email will be sent asking for the applicant to take a test. Yep – the aptitude test is now a new standard …

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Branding Yourself in a World Driven by Brands

  Brands already fill the media and social media landscape in today’s world, figuring out exactly how you fit into this larger brand landscape can often be challenging, if not overwhelming. These questions are meant to help you figure out how to adequately and creatively brand yourself within this landscape. What creative acts should you …

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