Searchability Q&A: Strategy & Management

As part of our Searchability Insights Content Series, we spoke to Martin Horton – SEO and Marketing specialist and owner of his own business Kudosable to find out more about his experience in Strategy & Management:

When you first started your own business Luv Media in 2004, how did you find the change from being 100% focused on web design to managing more strategic and operational sides of the business?

I found it quite challenging at first as most of my time was spent developing websites for clients, so my strategy really was… just go above and beyond for each client, provide them with more that they requested. This strategy has helped me keep my clients for a very long time. As for operations, I was all over the place at the start and not managing my time effectively. I have since learnt to track my time efficiently using tools.

You founded your most recent venture Kudosable in 2011, can you tell us a bit more about Kudosable and what your day to day role is there?

Kudosable was born because I wanted to move from being 100% focused on web development to spending more time on Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing. I found this to be more interesting, learning different industries and creating marketing blueprints for companies, this really made me tick! Especially when I show companies exactly how their ROI works. I delegate normal website enquiries out to my development team, I just take care of the juicy stuff!

What would you say are the biggest challenges in running your own business?

The biggest challenge is remembering to step back from work, I get too consumed sometimes 😉

What steps do you take / investments do you make to ensure continued success and growth for your company?

To be honest I’m quite lucky as most of my work comes from word of mouth so I’ve not made any major investments really. I’ve found that continued success really depends on the quality of work I provide, it’s really that simple. Provide results and the rest just follows.

As an SEO specialist you obviously understand first-hand the benefits of investing into SEO / PPC / Digital Marketing – do you think SEO has been crucial to attracting new business for Kudosable?

MASSIVELY! whats the point of having a web asset if you’re not pushing it to its full potential!

A lot of the work you do involves helping business owners to’ rekindle the passion’ in their business through digital marketing – how important do you think it is for a company’s C-suite to get involved in the marketing strategy?

Good question! and it’s something I learned a few years back. I used to produce good content for clients but since then I have stopped! I’m not the expert in their business, they are. I didn’t know their language and the content wasn’t personal enough to get the engagement you need today. I provide answers and advice to guide clients to make quality content, they produce the content then I simply add a sprinkle of magic to it and syndicate it out everywhere for all to see. So yes, the more involved the company is the better the results.

What would you look for when recruiting new members of staff for your company?

For web development… Skills! for Digital Marketing (creating blueprints) a willing to learn, and someone without taught SEO as this is far from what bigG (Google) requires these days.

Do you have any predictions for SEO / Marketing trends in 2017?

Yes I do! but that would be telling 😉

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